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All Float Rentals will be:

$32(tax included) Per Person for Short Trip (Shorter Trip, Best for a relaxing half-day)
$36(tax included) Per Person for Long Trip (Longer Trip, Best for a full day of floating)
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Our Rafts hold up to 6 people

Rafts are the best choice for inexperienced floaters due to their stability

Minimum Charge of 4 people required
Children age 10 & under riding as 5th or 6th person are only $10 per person

We have Single Person Kayaks as well as Double Person Kayaks

Kayaks are the most maneuverable and fastest vessel available

Minimum Charge of 2 people required for Double Kayak
NO Children under the age of 2 will be permitted to float
Reservations Recommended
Float Trips are made rain or shine
If extreme weather prevents the start of your trip by 12:00pm, you will be issued a rain check for the date of your choice if available. No Cash Refunds
All possessions taken on float trips are the responsibility of the floater, secure your coolers & provisions
Float Trips run continuously throughout the day 
All rental equipment is the responsibility of the floater until checked in upon completion of trip
Once you are ready for your Float Trip, sign up in the office and we will call your party name for departure shortly
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